“Yum yum, Bumblebee, Bumblebee tuna, I love Bumblebee, Bumblebee tuna, yum yum, Bumblebee, Bumblebee tuna, love a sandwich made with Bumblebee!”

I have no idea where I originally heard this song. No idea whatsoever. And it decides that today is a good day for it to hop in my head. It now resides on my computer, courtesy of various OpenNap servers. ^_^

I don’t know why songs prefer my head out of all the other 6,135,847,569 people on the earth right now, but mine seems to be the hideout for all the songs looking for a place to hide, to get away, to drive me nuts. >_< Of course, my 1153 MP3s I have probably don't help my situation any. ^_^;; I used to run my own MP3 streaming radio server off of my computer at school. Maybe I should go and put that back up sometime. If I do, I've got a good idea for the call numbers for the "station" i create - KRUD. Just imagine! I could make short MP3s kinda like a station id, and use Stu's suggestion and say "you're listening to KRUD - don't touch that dial, you've got krud on it!" ^_^ Plus, most of my songs are kruddy anyways - all novelty-type stuff. Things like "The Cockroach that Ate Cincinatti" by Rose and the Arrangement, "Highly Illogical" by Leonard Nimoy, and "Calcutta (taxi, taxi, taxi)" by Dr. Bombay. It's probably because of my one run-in with the "Dr. Demento” novelty radio show that I’ve got this obsession. ^_^;; I even remember the first time I heard that show, too – band camp, 1994, over the summer, at St. Mary’s college in southern Maryland, and it was on WFOX. I even remember some of the songs they played: Zappa’s “Valley Girl” (wow, megs, i didn’t realize that this was zappa until just now! ~_^), Ren & Stimpy’s “Happy Happy Joy Joy”, and Monty Python’s “Spam” song.

… isn’t it sad when you can recall things like that, but you can’t remember what situations you’re to use the three types of particles in Japanese?