I’ve got to stop taking Meg’s advice to music – it keeps getting stuck in my head! ~_^ At least I’ll never need a radio ever again, hehehehe…

Didn’t do much St. Patrick’s Day type activities, just sat around at home, wore my green pullover (and got very hot in it), and had corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I slept until almost 12:30, if that’s any sort of Irish trait… ^_^;;

Tried to call Apple today too about my broken computer, but they were closed for the weekend. What sort of company is that?! I called on a Saturday before for tech-support (Martin Luther King weekend, if i remember correctly!), and not only did I spend half an hour on hold, I got to listen to a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING tell me to take my computer into the shop. Thanks, buddy, but I didn’t need to spend half an hour on the phone to get common-sense advice. 😛

This has been a very fun and amusing evening so far – went and watched (on our iMac – my video card’s broke in my computer for playing dvds, and we’ve got no set-top box) my first two (and only two) dvds of Cowboy Bebop. Mom really really seemed to like it, hehe. I always get sad when Rocco dies in the 8th episode, just before his sister’s going to be able to see him… ;___; Then we went and watched “Robot Wars”, the British precursor to Comedy Central’s “Battlebots”. “Dr. Who” came on next, and it was hilarious – something about some ex-hippies running a circus with a rogue clown on the loose and some gods wanting to be amused… I suppose that as far as Dr. Who goes, this was a pretty normal episode.

Now Kelly and I are watching some hilarious movie on the Sci-Fi channel – “King Kong Escapes” or something. It’s your typical Japanese rubber-suit B-movie… makes me wonder if Meg’s ever seen it, ‘cos she’s a B-movie fan. This movie is HILARIOUS! Got a guy in a big ‘ol rubber suit, and they had remote-control helicopters flying around him in the jungle, and now they’re shining all these multicolored lights to brainwash Kong – if someone were to tune in right now, they’d probably think this was “King Kong Escapes to a Disco”!

Hmm… now I wanna get more Cowboy Bebop DVDs… I see has the 6th DVD for $16 – not a bad price! Too bad I need the 3rd DVD next… ^_^;;

Yay! looks like dan will probably have neobaka t-shirts ready by this coming monday! ^_____^ Whoo!